Sunday, February 14, 2010

Indulgence of the Week: Sea Salted Caramels

Do you want something Decadent and Special? Sea Salted Caramels fit that description PERFECTLY!

Each of our buttery caramels is wrapped in premium Milk or Dark Chocolate and then dusted with 1 of 6 different exotic sea salts from around the world.

Milk Chocolate with Fleur De Del Salt from France: Proclaimed as the "caviar of salts," this delicate standout has a moist texture and a rich, sweet flavor.

Dark Chocolate with Bolivian Rose Salt from Bolivia: This South American beauty sparkles with exceptional flavor and a gorgeous rose/orange color.

Milk Chocolate with Murray River Pink Salt from Australia: With its apricot-colored flakes, this delicate and wonderfully mild salt melts quickly on your tongue.

Dark Chocolate with Cyprus Flake Salt from the Mediterranean: This distinctive salt features pyramid-shaped crystals, mild flavor and a light, fluffy character.

Milk Chocolate with Sel Gris Salt from France: Sel Gris soaks up minerals, nutrients and it's elegant grey color from the French clays of Guerande's salt ponds.

Dark Chocolate with Himalayan Pink Salt from Asia: For centuries, this salt has been prized for its beautiful color, high mineral content and natural healing properties.

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